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You are invited to watch a series of vidos called "Clean bill of wealth" (episode 1,2,3and 4) on by Stephen Pierce, who reveals in plain english the key block that robs you of hitting your personal jackpot in life. This simple overlooked area in your life can stop procrastination cold in its track and get you wired to become wildly successful....
The series introduces you to your "SELFWARE " which is the number 1 critical element of all success in life. It's the key element that all people in life have in common and it's what separates the rich from the poor, the happy from the sad and fulfilled from the unfulfilled in life.

If you found this workshop useful, send BACCA an email and tell us. We would also welcome any suggestion on how we could expand or improve in this area.

Other workshops that we hope to bring to you in the future are as follows:

1 Making Old fashioned Toys (Pop guns, Gigs, Corn Dolls, Cotton reel Tank etc)

2. Face painting and make up

3. Dance and Exercise

4. Amateur Dramatics

6. Costume and headdress making (Like what was done for the Danson Festival)

7. Flag and badge making or any other.

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