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Releasing your Child’s Potential
A good education is one of the most important investments we can bestow on our children. It opens the door to their advancement towards, and throughout adulthood, providing them with the abilities and skills to make informed choices about all matters which affect the structure and quality of their lives. Parents rightly say that its impact should not be underestimated.
The more fortunate of us are able to take the learning process forward methodically, building on acquired knowledge and developing skills with relative ease. Some of us, for various reasons, need more guidance and mentoring, and when this becomes available at the right time, the results are very rewarding.  

Bexley Children and Young People Plan 2009 - 2011
At page 27 of the above publication, our local educators looking at the development of our youth observed that: “Performance in the early years has closed the gap between the 20% of the children who live in the most deprived part of the borough and the 80% who live elsewhere”. They also clearly acknowledged that “the gap is still too large”. 
In BACCA, we have been aware of - and concerned about - this unsatisfactory situation for some time, and we are keen to help in developing a solution to improve the educational opportunities for our disadvantaged youth.
We believe that a significant part of the solution lies in the provision of additional support, which in cooperation with the youth’s parents, aims to improve their classroom skills, self respect and confidence.

BACCA in the community
BACCA is a registered charity based in the borough. It works tirelessly in helping to find solutions for some of those social problems which affect its members and their families, as well as the wider community. We are passionate that more of our children should have a greater chance to experience success in education and develop the skills and confidence which will take them through to the highest achievements.
Our proposal is for a term-time Supplementary Saturday School within the borough, offering appropriate study skills, addressing matters such as the absence of confidence, concentration issues and 11+ preparation.
If you consider that your child/children do perhaps need some extra support at this very formative period of their development, please consider whether you would support this project.

The Saturday School
We see the need for the Saturday School as an urgent one, and we are hoping that we will experience no undue delay in getting the project up and running.
Our teachers and assistants will all be qualified, enthusiastic and CRB checked.  We will endeavour
to keep the price of attendance at the School (3 hours per session) as competitive as possible, and we would ask parents to try to enrol their child or children for a term at a time. We envisage a fee of £25 to £30 per session for each child.

The Survey
In order to determine the viability of our proposed Saturday School, we are conducting a survey to ascertain the level of support that exists in the community for the service.
If you, your family or friends would be interested in using the service of our Saturday School we would be grateful if you (or they) would complete the attached questionnaire and return it to our address as soon as possible.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

For and behalf of BACCA Trustees


BACCA is compliant with the Data Protection Act and will not pass your details to any third party without your
prior consent


1. What is the age and the year group of your child / children?
 * required

2. Indicate with a tick the subjects / skills which you consider that your child would benefit most from?

Maths (numeracy)
Literature (including writing and the use of formal English skills)

Any other (please explain)

3. Are there any special requirements or behavioural issues for which your child may need additional support?

4. Are there any particular areas of work or attitude which you would hope to see addressed in the school sessions? These may include aspects of culture (e.g. history, tradition, customs etc)

Please explain

5. Does your child have access to a computer at home?

6. Does your child have access to the internet at home?

7. When would you require the Saturday School to start operation?

8. Please state any feedback or comments that you may have about the questionnaire or on our school proposal as described in the bulletin.

Please supply your contact details for us to inform you of our developments

Your name

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your email

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Your Telephone

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Thank you for completing this survey.
Please click the submit button below to send this survey to our email address.


    © Copyright 2009 BACCA, A Registered Charity in Bexley Kent, UK

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